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Kaseihin Shoji Information Privacy Statement

Kaseihin Shoji Information Privacy Statement Kaseihin shoji Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called ‘the company’) states the Information Privacy Statement as bellow, and implement the following initiatives in order to manage and protect customers’ personal information with great care.

Management of Personal Information

Recognizing the importance of customers’ personal information, the company implements security measures and tightly controls the information by taking necessary action, such as maintaining security system, developing management system and thorough employee education, in order to keep the information accurate and latest, and to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and loss, damage, alteration and leakage of personal information.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information which we collect from customers is used only when we send e-mails or information materials to contact them, to announce notices or to reply to inquiries.
The information will not be used for any purposes other than the above purpose without obtaining customers’ prior consent.

Prohibition of Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The company manages personal information, which we collect from customers, appropriately and never discloses personal information except for the following cases.

  1. When customers agree with the disclosure
  2. When the company discloses personal information to outsourcing contractors in order to provide services to customers after they order the services
  3. When disclosure of personal information is required by law
Personal Information Security Measures

To ensure accuracy and safety of personal information, the company endeavors to ensure and enhance security.


Anyone who desires to delete, modify or refer the personal information should inform us and we will respond to your request after confirmation of identification.


We regularly review our compliance with this privacy policy and comply with all Japanese laws related to personal information.


Regarding the queries about our handling of personal information, please contact the below.

Kaseihin Shoji Co., Ltd., Administrative Headquarter, Human Resources and General Affairs Department
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