Things Only Kaseihin Shoji Can Do

Gathering the knowledge and wisdom which have been gained so far, we exert leverage that is valid in global society.
We will make valuable proposals as your reliable partners.

New added value

Vision / Enterprise Image to Aim for
We evolve responding to changes and aspire to becoming a catalyst style company, which creates added value benefitting society in collaboration with our partners.

“Catalyst Style Company” is…
A company making catalyst style proposals, which create not only a business model that connects product distribution channels between customers, but also makes contact between customers with high skills or with unique products, widening and stimulating the business in cooperation with healthy business partners.

Kaseihin Shoji's Network
Domestic Network

Through the industrial network which has been gained since the foundation, we offer / provide the products requested by customers.
We believe that serving wider needs by intensifying and expanding the network is important.
Especially, we will discover and offer environmentally-friendly products and high‐functional products.

International Network

In 1989, we established “Thai Kaseihin” in Bangkok, Thailand, working hard to serve customers’ needs, mainly handling sales of fibrous raw material, automobile-related industrial feedstock and cosmetic raw material, etc.
Furthermore, in China, where continuous future growth potential is expected, we established a combined company “Token Chiao Fu Kasei Trading Co., Ltd.” in Kunshan in 2010, dealing with sales of mainly automobile-related resin material.

Kaseihin Shoji's Planning
Domestic Planning

For market needs, we propose technology and information as well as products with our partners.
In developing new products and business models, cooperation with partners who have the technical capabilities is necessary.
Important to us is our role of advancing together with the changing markets, to match new technology with market needs and growth.

Overseas Planning

We are strengthening the information gathering function focusing around the bases in Thailand and China, in order to be able to provide products extensively to Southeast Asia /East Asia Markets.
We also propose a wide variety of plans to support customers aiming to expand business, such as the expansion of import / export business and overseas sales network, and the establishment of overseas bases.

Kaseihin Shoji's NKnow-how

In addition to dealing with chemical raw material alone, we support providing and developing composite material.
Regarding compounding technology, we propose the optimum composition making use of our experience and expertise.

Manufacture on Assignment

We make proposals of feed ingredient from the choice of material to the finished product in diverse ways, such as manufacturing a product which customers require, at an outsourced company, introducing an outsourced company.

Molding Processing Proposal

We make proposals of the material and processing of the developed product just how customers imagine, making use of our experience and network.
We also provide a consistent service from procurement of raw materials, manufacturing molded products to transport services.