Our life and “power of science”

The clothes, food (beverage), computers (mobile phones), automobile which surround us, are all made from properties and the power of chemistry.

Although the word chemistry tends to give an image of having a bad influence on the human body and on the environment, it is a safe, convenient and very reliable power when treated with the correct knowledge, technology and experience.

The power of chemistry in modern society is essential for our health and comfortable living. Also, it has unlimited potential to ever-improve technology and helps us to fulfill our dreams.

Let’s look at the power of chemistry we are dealing with!

What Is the Power of Science?

It could be said that things that are familiar to us all consist of substances made from the power of chemistry.
When breaking down substances, they can be divided into ‘elements’, such as hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, and ‘chemical compounds’, such as water and carbonic acid.

When combining elements with chemical compounds through the power of chemistry, substances known as ‘chemical agents’ are made.

Convenient Properties of Power of Science

What kind of characteristics of the power of chemistry is useful in our lives?
Its main properties are as follows;

Characteristics Main Living Environment
Flammable Fuel
Sticking Adhesive
Elastic Rubber
Lightweight and strong Plastic
Grease-cutting Detergent
Flavored Seasoning
Scented Perfume
Exterminating harmful insects Pesticides, household insecticide
Looking Around, the Power of Science Is Everywhere

When looking around, you will notice there are a variety of products made from the power of chemistry.

It is said that there are several tens of thousands of things around us, which are made from petroleum and the power of chemistry.
*For familiar products we deal with, please refer to ‘Product Use’.

What Kaseihin Shoji with ‘Chemistry’ Aims for

Now you understand there is a lot of power of chemistry around us.

Kaseihin Shoji is working to deepen our knowledge of ever-evolving chemistry further and to make everyone’s life safe and more convenient.
We want to be your partner and walk with you towards a better future.

Our life and “power of science”