Overseas Department

We cover ASEAN countries and China using overseas bases!

Our Bases in ASEAN


Thai Kaseihin's Members

We have a 20-year history as an overseas subsidiary and more than a 30-year history as a resident office, covering not only Thailand but also Vietnam and Myanmar.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, such as business expansion and local situation. We will keep working hard seeking to be a ‘handyman’ in Thailand.



Our products have a high impact resilience coefficient and excellent impact resistance. Having also exceled in abrasion resistance, load resistance, grease resistance and water resistance, they have been used in diverse fields receiving a high evaluation.
Being good at small batch production of many products, we serve customers’ every need

Our Bases in China

Token Chiao Fu Kasei (Kunshan) Trading Co., Ltd.

Making use of strength of 3 companies – Token Polymer Chemical, Chiao Fu Group and Kaseihin Shoji – and the Kaseihin Shoji network, we assume not only chemical products sale, but also various consignment businesses and coordination of acting import agents.

Business Outline
  1. Product Sales of Token Polymer Chemical and Chiao Fu Group
  2. Puburendingu, coordination of unit done packaging
  3. Sales of various functional materials
  4. Coordination of various consignment businesses

Mid-level Representatives in Overseas Bases

As strengthening of collaboration within Asia region, we sent Takao Takechi of Chemicals Group in Osaka branch to China in June and Tomohiro Matsuura of Synthetic Resins Group in Nagoya branch to Thailand in July.

Takao Takuchi
Takao Takuchi
After former International Division at Tokyo Head Office and sales for Chemicals Group at Osaka branch, being appointed to China is a dream come true for me. Utilizing a broad range of experiences in color material, cosmetics, medicine, urethane material, I will roll up my sleeves in an effort to establish our bases for operating in East Asia.
Tomohiro Matsuura
Tomohiro Matsuura
I have been selling mainly resins to automobile-related suppliers since joining the company 11 years ago however, I will be seconded to a local subsidiary in Thailand from July this year.
With ASEAN Integration 2015 (acceleration of people and comings and goings) near at hand, I am looking forward to energetic days there. I will engage in sales activities utilizing my experiences and a network of contacts.

We formed Overseas Department in the Planning Headquarter. We will conduct a wide range of business in a close cooperation with our bases in Asia.