Synthetic Resin Group

We serve customers’ broad range of needs as a partner who shapes the future!

From molding compounds, such as thermoplastics resin (commodity plastics, engineering plastics) and thermosetting resin (polyester, urethane), to resin processed products and plant facility equipment, we serve customers’ broad range of needs.

Sale Destination

Product Range

Molding Compound

Various commodity plastics, polyurethane, engineering plastics, various elastomer, polyester (PET, unsaturated polyester), FRP materials, silicone resin, etc.

Resin Processed Products

Various resin foam products (polyurethane, polyester, etc.), molding (PE tank, cultured marble, transparent front plate for display screen), urethane resin molding (rollers), synthetic wood (polyurethane, polyester, etc.), culvert pipes (polyene, vinyl chloride)

Plant Facility Equipment

Liquid bag filter system, chemical pumps, FRP equipment


Corrosion resistant lining material and corrosion protection lining work, waterproof material and waterproofing work, foam urethane heat insulation work

Other Function Products

Sorbent (Oil Hunter), pure vegetable cleaning liquid, special coating sales, ultraviolet cure adhesive, heat resistance improver, weight reduction agent, parting agent